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What kind of skier/boarder are you?

In order to help us with your booking and to set you up with simular level skiers / boarders, please grade yourself / group with the information below.

Level 1
Intermediate Piste Skier/Boarder. Ski/ride blue runs confidently. But black runs mogals are still too challenging. Never been off piste before. Likely to say. I want to ski black runs and off piste skiing.
Level 2
Intro Off Piste Skier/Boarder. (Advanced piste skier/boarder) Can ski/board board black runs but still challenging. Have ventured off piste with varying degrees of success (deep snow is still something of a mystery. Likely to say. I would like to learn to ski well off piste.
Level 3
Improving off piste skier/boarder. Enjoy black runs and the tracked out off piste runs found at many resorts. But you have not skied in deep snow without a base to it yet. Likely to say. I would like to ski well in powder and link lots of turns.
Level 4
Confirmed off piste skier/boarder. You can put a reasonable set of turns in powder, but difficult snow types- heavy snow, crusts, poor visibility, or 40 degree slopes can all cause problems.(though you can cope with them safely if not elegantly) Likely to say. I can handle difficult snow/steep slopes more confidently with better style.
Level 5
Advanced off piste skier/boarder. Can put turns in through heavy snow and on icy 40 degree slopes, but difficult breakable crusts and skiing fresh tracks off piste in zero visibility are still somewhat challenging! Comfortable skiing/boarding steeper terrain through tight trees. Likely to say. I have been skiing twenty years.
Level 6
Expert off piste skier/boarded Can ski/ride all snow types including crusts in control and are happy on slopes of 45 degrees or when putting in fresh tracks in zero visibility at ease in steep technical terrain and comfortable leaving ground. Likley to say. Bring it ON……